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The development of android itself has come a long way. The latest android in use is Android 8.0-8.1 or ‘Oreo’. The upcoming android version is also announced. It would be known as Android P. Android software development is the process by which new applications for the mobile devices are made using the Android platform. The official language used for the development of android application is JAVA that is supported in Android Studio and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). However, Java can be supplemented with C and C++ using the Native Development Kit (NDK) made available by Google. NDK (Native development Kit) is written in C, C++ but the native libraries can be called from JAVA code too. The android studio has also expanded for the support of kotlin language.

What is SDK?
The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of tools required for the development of the application. It consists of a debugger, libraries, a handset emulator that enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. The emulator is based on QEMU (Quick Emulator). It is used for running virtual machines. The SDK is supported on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. The SDK also supports older versions of the Android platform in case developers wish to target their applications at older devices. Android applications are packaged in “.apk” format and stored under […/data/app] folder on the Android OS. This folder is accessible only to the root user for security reasons. APK package contains “.dex” files.

Some of the developers do not prefer working with JAVA or the C style languages for development of the android app. They would like a single code base to support other platforms: Apple (iOS, macOS), Windows, and the Web (HTML5). This is called cross platform development. There are a number of Integrated Development environments available for developing a mobile application for android platforms. Some of the examples are

  • AIDE(Android IDE), it uses the HTML5 or C, C++ as the supporting language.
  • Appcelerator, supported language JAVA Script
  • Application Craft supports HTML5
  • B4X supports BASIC
  • Corona works with Lua
  • Kivy, it supports Python language
  • Visual Studio works with C# and HTML5
  • Xamarin works with C# language

There are many othe IDEs that support languages other than the official JAVA language. These IDEs separately or along with the Software Development Kit (SDK) are used for the development of an android application. For most IDEs the Android SDK needs to be installed. It is also possible to install several IDEs on a single system and try them out to see the ease of developing the app before finalizing it.

The developers of NeelPro systems work on these platforms and creatively write iOS and Android apps that give a brand engaging platform to the client and it takes the business towards growth and new achievements. If you have any idea in your mind, NeelPro would put it in your pocket in the form of your mobile platform based application.


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