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B2B Application

Business-to-Business or e-biz applications are purposefully developed for the exchange of products, services or information between businesses. There are no retail consumers in this picture of exchange. These applications are also used for marketing of products and services to business and other organizations. These organizations may be associated with the production of goods or resale to the consumers as wholesale selling to the retailer.

Neel Pro System develops all kinds of B2B applications with focus on expanding the potential of your business through partnerships. For development and integration of these applications it requires to

  • Understand the sum content of the business process and data in the particular organization.
  • Understand of the automation of the same
  • Realize the importance of all the business processes.

  • The B2B applications developed by Neel pro System are:
  • Buy Side
  • Sell side
  • Trading associate agreement
  • e-marketplace


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