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Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the strategy that helps establish a good communication between customers and the company. For a good CRM, a company needs to prioritize its customers according to the set goals, communicate with them, keep a track of their activity before contacting them, keep all these processes in sync and then evaluate to improve.

To easily perform all tasks with speed and accuracy, NeelPro System provides you CRM software with which you can ditch all the manual efforts and bulky long procedures and get on with the business. It also provides you to store all the necessary data and information of the customer and manage it so that you can always be updated in the client conversations.

  • The Features of the CRM software:
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Powerful Data importing tools and kits
  • Enhanced Entity Relationship
  • Good programmability
  • Multi-lingual
  • Easy to use and navigate through
  • Supports online plug-ins
  • Open to integration with other software
  • Available in customized forms
    • Professional
    • Enterprise
    • Service Provider
  • Updated information of the customer
  • Keeps track of customer activity
  • Reporting security


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