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Payment Services

Online payments are faster than the whole physical system of payments. It saves time and reduces the cost of the whole process for the service providers too. In order to provide good payment service to the clients, payment gateway architecture should ease the process of e-commerce, point of sale systems, and mobile payment transactions. A global payment gateway can obviously provide better payment services.
For having a global gateway experience, the payment service applications must support currencies from all over the world. It should be able to make conversions according to the local currency and have multi language support.
Payment Services provided by NeelPro systems: .

• POS (Point of Sale)

The POS system developed by NeelPro System are best point of sale system. The POS application development strategy of our company focuses the customized integration of systems and software as barcode software, inventory management, retail system management, customer relation management software etc. Our company provides the best point of sale software.

  • Some of the features that make us go global are:
  • Desktop/handheld based application development
  • Certification support in app
  • Testing
  • Multi-lingual systems
  • Multi-app support system
  • Dynamic multi-currency support


  • With the mobile payments services :
  • Rapid with the payments
  • Pay from anywhere at anytime
  • Use debit/credit/gift cards/mobile wallets
  • Unbanked customers can easily make payment through SMS services
  • Carry your money electronically
  • Maximize space and flexible shopping experience
  • Instant recharges and bill payments


  • NeelPro System provide
  • NFC Application Software development
  • Testing
  • Consulting services


Our Company works on the JAVA card technology. It increases the access of the smart card users to new enhanced facilities of e-commerce via a wide range of connected applications.

  • Smart cards are used in almost every industry as it is cost effective, safe and secure system. To name a few
  • SIM cards in telecom industries
  • Financial cards that include microprocessor embedded debit/ credit cards, loyalty and gift cards etc.
  • ID cards issued by govt. in offices and other benefit schemes
  • Biometric identification systems
  • Transit/Travel cards


NeelPro System has specialization in developing the interface software for the online payments. It also develops simulators and provides testing against them.


After testing process is done on the simulators, merchants are asked to set up an account with the providers and get the certification testing process completed.


It enhances, stores, disseminates and successfully implement the security standards to prevent data breach in the process of payments.

  • It provides:
  • Secured Network
  • Protection of Cardholders’ data
  • Access Control
  • Monitoring and Network Checks
  • Strict Security Policy Adherence


  • NeelPro System develops customized firmware for
  • POS System
  • Barcode readers
  • NFC/Contactless payment systems
  • Mobile phones


Information Technology Enabled services (ITES) includes all the services that require the assistance of information technology whether in the form of data access or handling network security issues.

  • The ITES include:
  • Animation
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Back office operations
  • Collection services
  • Customer care
  • Interaction services
  • Data digitization
  • Digital content development
  • Website services
  • Transcription services
  • Translation services
  • Remote education
  • Market research
  • Legal databases


Merchant service providers needs for the merchant to have an account with the providers either directly or through any referral partner for e.g. a B2B service company.

  • The merchant service offered by NeelPro System
  • Integrated with other payment services
  • In support of Microsoft and JAVA technologies
  • Efficient design and implementation


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